Jan 6, 2007

Deja Vu

Yesturday we went to see ( Deja Vu) .

i felt smart coz i knw this (traveling thro time theory) and it happened to be the "way i deal with my memories ".. as i wrote

I did like the movie ... well first of all I should say that I went coz it's a Denzel Washington movie and i do get star struck when i see this this talllll black hunk !

infact u should know that he has the perfect male face ! ...
no !
I didnt get this from the stars i see in my head ! it's because studies - which were even mentioned in (readers Digest) - showed that women actually prefer men with symmetrical faces & strong jaws !and boy doesn't he has that !

ok, so back to the movie !
i did like the a sci fi plot.. and the digital effects or what ever they are called ...
and the (subtle) love story.

but alas, i got confused at the end.. i didn't get the part about how the present continues when it was supposed to have changed !!!

any way... i would wait for the movie to be aired on the TV channels to see it again !


Ossama said...

hi doc
how r u?
was in cairo

emanff said...

الحمد لله على السلامة يا دكتور

النت نور تانى