Nov 10, 2006

how i deal with memories !

How I deal with memories!
Crazy! But that’s the truth!

When I was a young girl, I always felt extremely sad after a nice and good (time) passed.

It’s gone, it’s become a memory, and I don’t live in it any more.

Such a feeling was a real torment.
Wanting to live back in the memory and wanting it to re-happen again & again, but it doesn’t and you know that it won’t.

Now, as a grown up, I don’t look sadly at any gone by nice moment, because I know that I have lived each of them to the fullest and that nice moments have to pass so better ones come!

But, that’s not all,

I have found a great way (that works great for me) on how to make old memories live without feeling bad.

It happened many many years ago, when I saw a program in TV about Albert Einstein and his theory about time and traveling through it.

What’s the connection ????


See, if there was a time-traveling ship, you would be able to go forward, or back!
Now if you go back in time, that means you would be able to live the time again!

So, that means that the (you) that lived yesterday is still there!

Am actually laughing now, as how to really explain it !

I’ll give you a real example!

I lived in a hostel when I was doing my BDS in India.
Those years were some of the best years and best time I ever had.
I have got attached to that place, so much so that even after 7 years I still dream of it, dream of walking in its corridors.

So, in mind, our –my friends’ and mine- days in the hostel are still there in another dimension of time!

It’s afternoon time; I can hear (N’s) voice calling in the middle of the corridor, as she always did when she came back from an outing. I am going from (P’s) room to (S’s) room, banging the door behind me, asking for tea powder, coz it’s our sacred tea-time-session, where we would sit and talk for almost 3 hours about every thing.

Never forgetting to say in most of these sessions, that these are the best days of our lives, and that we are with the best people we can ever think of.
Saying, that god knew how crazy we are, so he picked us and put us all together, after sending all the boring people to other collages!

Those were the days my friend.

So you see, we are still living in that hostel, in those corridors, and that’s why I still dream of the hostel, even after I learned that they shifted the girls to another building.

If there was a time machine that would take me back there, I would find all those days again.

But, I don’t want a time machine to prove that things do live inside us, not till they go away, but rather till (we) go away and leave this world.


Dedicated to the best people I have ever known.

my room (#29) back in the hostel (i liked and still like jingels !)
What my freind (R) wrote on the corridors wall, when i passed my final years exam.


SaudiDDS said...

قلييييييلة الاشياء و الذكريات اللي اتعلق فيها
و عمري ما حسيت بهالاحساس انه لحظة حلوة خلصت

لسبب ما أعرفه ،بين فترة و فترة اشوف الاشياء اللي اتجمعت عندي..بقايا اماكن زرتها مع أشخاص،قصاقيص، و حتى صور احيانا..و ارميها

فيه اشخاص مميزين أتعرفت عليهم في مراحل معينه،و لم أعاود الاتصال بهم لما افترقنا، احيانا
ألوم نفسي

بس هو كذا..ما أحب أجمع اشياء، ولا علاقات..
و بين فترة و فترة اتخلص من مجموعة من اللي عندي

SaudiDDS said...

by the way

موضوع الشاهي ذكرني بسنة خامس..
كان فيه شلة اجتمع فيهم يومين في الاسبوع في الكليه، قبل العيادات، لمدة 3 ساعات تقريبا

و كنا كل يوم نطلب نفس الوجبه من نفس المطعم، و مع الاكل جلسة.. تبدا من الدراسة و همومها الى السياسة و الاوضاع في البلد ..

العامل في المطعم مرة اتخرت حوالي ثلث ساعة في الطلب..عرفني و سأل ((بالاسم)) عن سبب التأخير و ان شاء الله المانع خير !!! ساعتها حسينا انه فيه مشكلة

emanff said...

شكرا يا سوسو على المرور!!!!!!(سعودى ددس ,) اسم طوييييييييييل

الناس تختلف فى كيفية تعاملها مع ذكرياتها

انا من النوع الذى لا يرمى اى شىء !

يعنى لدى حتى قصاصات الورق التى كانت تمررها صديقاتى من تحت الباب
من سنيييييين

لدى ساعتى (المعطلة) التى كنت البسها وانا فى الثانوى !

وبالمثل , اصدقائى !

فانا لا اكون صداقات علماشى !

لازالت روابطى بصديقاتى من الكلية ممتازة , والحمد لله . اليوم اتصلت بيا صديقتى من اليابان , واخرى من دبى ايضا وقبل 3 ايام ثالثه من بريطانيا وهكذا

for me, we make freinds to keep them, and Old is defenitly GOLD.

فيه موضوع كنت كاتبته عن الذكريات ,
من فترة ....
شويه اذا حبيتى