Apr 17, 2007

Silly or not ??

There is a song that says (oh, old movies make me cry), or was it sad movies!

In my case it’s books.
Books (stories, novels) do make me cry!

I was on the first line writing a new post for my blog, the line went off like this: (I am curbing a blob of tears in my throat) & was questioning my self, if reading really suits me ?? when I saw a friend of mine on the messenger.

We started talking (thro speakers), then I told her (I am reading a story for - Amin Maalouf – harbors of the east) and that I feel like crying!

She asked me (R U silly ??)
Said (NO. maybe am emotional !)
(No that’s not called emotional !)
(Well what would u say if I tell u that I was hauling for a week after I read – god of small things- for Arundhati Roy !)
She mumbled something on the speaker that I couldn’t figure out.
I went on defending my self, (well, I do get into the emotion that the writer is conveying)

She again mumbled something!! Well what can I say about differences in broad bands or what ever ???
Am I being silly !! I thought, I should give it a shot of thinking.

Today I went on reading the story, & I felt that heaviness in my throat come again,
It was time to leave work (thank god) and I started tearing up in the car !! well silly or not, I felt like crying !
I cant imagine some one loosing his whole life in a mental institute when actually he was fine !
The idea really tormented me !

By the time I got home, oh boy !!! I started crying then laughing at the idea of me being really silly.

By the time I sort of got to the end of the story, I thought of the lesson that I think the writer is trying to convey,

Do NOT wait for others to come & GET YOU of what u r in !
YOU have to find your way.
Your way of escape.
Coz It’s your life !

So what do u think ??
Am I being silly !!


aboyehia said...

no u r not wrong u r right
sensitivity & sensebility are not to be ashamed of
by the way where were u?

emanff said...


انا مبسوطة انك رديت .. مش عشان رأيك موافق ليا .. لأ .. بس عشانى شفتك فى مدونتى بعد فترة

انا موجودة هنا .. لا ادخل على النت كثير جدا زى الول . عشان انشغالى , وعشان كمان الاب توب مش دايما بيكون معايا