Aug 19, 2006

Serenity monsters

I want real loudness.
World’s loudness.
I don’t want any silence in my head…..

Till when is the silence going to shout and scream, and hit me with its echoes??
Doesn’t it know that I wish to be deaf??

Doesn’t it know that I have been hit so much by its echoes ? So much, that I can see the shreds going away??

Haven’t I learned about echoes?? O haven’t I !!!!!

They generate from far away,, we see them ,, we watch them as if they are not ours… as if it’s a nice summerish picture,
Then when it comes, when it closes…

We can only gasp at the sight of the distorted picture,,, the whole picture have been mongered by reality,,, it swirled and fast it hit us !

Now! Here it is, coming,, where I have to sit in the coldness,,, listen to it…

Listen to it calling me with it’s hollow deep voice ( LONLEYYYYYY.. )

Can we say damn this echo! Can we really swear at it..

We have created it by our own mind walks,,,

Why can’t we just think and imagine things, without them coming back???

Why can’t we imagine serenity, without it turning into a monster if it doesn’t come?

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