Mar 12, 2007

mind sausages 2

A time to relax:
is a time that u spend with your self, away from what u have been thinking (within your self) & doing by your own self.

ME time:
a time that i take for me, wholy me, only me, & what so ever that deals with me. (look down for whats marked #)

went today to the beaty parllor; did some beautyfying stuff, had a hair hut, a (padicare ???)
-whatever it's called- care or is it cure !! .. the bottom line that it deals with pampering your FEET.
yes sir !
that body part that carries your actuall waight, your feelings waight, your thinking waight, -whatever illness that you carry- waight, your daily routine waight.

# Pampered even my car: filled it with petrol.

coming back,
it was slightly sunny, the radio aried some nice hindi & arabic songs.

with all my worrries, that i easened up papmering my feet, i thought:

(count your blessings!): i am a perason who does see beaty, yes sir. i do, i do count my small blessings.
i thought it's been quite some times, that i didnt count them.
been quite sometime, that i didnt give out what i used to do?
may be thats why i got ill.

alhamdo le allah.. God has been & is & will always be mercifull to me.


i looked at my self in the car, after all that (me time & self pampering), looked at my self listenning to the radio, looked at my self looking at the sky & enjoying the breez.

اشعر بالرضا
i feel content.

forgoing all the worries that are their, i am happey at this momment.


A great lesson:
Learned recently, that
لو جريت جرى الوحوش , غير رزقك ما تحوش

a thought while i was driving:
if i compared people to cars, would their be a corolla person, a lavish car person, an old polished car ????
i laughed at the idea.
then i thought, the main thing about cars, is that they R usefull.. U benefit from them, wheither it's an old one, a RR one, or a hagerd one.

well, i thought, that some people are actually of no benefit !
again i chuckeld at the sentence !


I am fed up of every that deals with (Faking).

thats why, i am out of the net, out of my blog, out of every thying that deals with talking to unseen people.

looking at my self, i just want to say that : I am the best !
thas why, i need to find my self again.
away from every thing.

thats why, am blocking comments from this topic, also i dont think i am coming for a more while than i already had.

i need to figure out again & find out again (me), for the million & 2 times.