Feb 14, 2007

New Work Stress Busters

I am having a hell-of-a busy working schedule these days ... this may last for quite some time.

God was nice to make me discover (long knowen - for others -) ways to looosen up ones brains !

A niiiiiice warm bath in a water tub ... (i should buy me the bubbels though)

the other great escape is (something i am fameliar with)... what else !!!


I should persuade one of my brotehrs to go see Apocalypto with me, then we have (ladey in water), then ... mmmmm yeh (the last king of scotland)

the saying goes as :
A movie a week keeps u from becoming a freek !

and i sure would stick to this, provided that i find a (shaperon) other wise my mom wount allow me !


Malek said...

100% يا دكتورة
خليكي على الجدول ده ويا ريت بعد السيما تاخدي حمام بالاملاح المعطرة بتاعة البحر الميت
تمام التمام حتحسي بالراحة... الصراحة

emanff said...


شكلها فعلا وصفة مجربة !!!