May 25, 2006

What i stinck at !

I belive am a good dentist.
Well, am not the one bragging, but i heared this many times from different people in different places.
But, when it comes to things out side that, i have trouble understanding! it seems that some people are really made for something but not for another, and in my case many anothers !
Examples (Maths, physics, money and buisness , how exactly to get your self married !(i.e. how do u find THE right person and most importantly marry him!), how to reply in a discussion the right way using the right words, without figuring that out after it all was over, how to keep a straight face with no expresions ! i really stinck at that, my face shows every thing out.

i have not been able to figure out how to add links to bloggs that i read often ! i am too scared for words to mess up that whatever setting they have and they tell u to remove the (edit me) and put somehting thats called (URL) !!! what is that for heavens sake !

somthing that i stick at (Royally) is:

how to keep my mouth SHUT!

i read long ago a small stotry about a littel bird who fell in a pile of ( well, how to say it .... mmm..... cow dung), so he started calling for help, now a doge herad him, and took him out of it, and then eat him !

the great moral of this story was:
- who ever takes u out of troubel is not necessarily your freind.
- who ever puts in trouble is not necessarily your enemy!
- If u r n a big pile of S*#t keep your mouth SHUT !

whats the relation of this story with the whole topic !
well, it was a nice story and it had a moral that i ought to learn !


SaudiDDS said...

hey there

i found the link to ur blog at ossama's place first,then checking my blog at the same time.. i noticed the comments u left me
u r the second dentist i get to know this week,,i must be really lucky :)

Browsing through ur blog I came across this entry,,and I cant just act as if I didn’t :P
cuz it sounds like dentistry is not the only thing we share,i ((stinck)) in the same areas heheeh
specially the facial expressions :/ , at a point i'll consider medical help for that, botox can do the trick ;)

this is getting harder, every day I meet new bloggers, I find more great stuff to read and check..

thanks for passing by and introducing me to this blog, and thanks for ossama who made it possible for us to know about each other


Anonymous said...

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