Apr 1, 2006

Being different

It’s said that people look for similarity between them to make life easy!
و لهذا يقولون (الاخلاف فى الرأى , لا يفسد لود القضية!)

When people differ in opinions, they usually feel awkward!
You say that you are fine!! That you understand.
And of course, under all that, U r not happy!
The best is saying that you don’t care (And can’t even care less!!)


Some times,

You DO feel happy!
Somehow you feel alive; having an idea of your own, and knowing that you are not copying other people’s minds or using their words.

You are your (master mind)!

What to call this?
Please don’t bother!
Or may be do!

After all I would be having an answer (of my own).

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